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With over 28 years of expertise in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and ITES, We Win Limited is a public listed company renowned for its efficiency in setting up GCCs. Our extensive experience includes

Cost-Efficient Setup

We specialize in establishing centers at a very reasonable cost, ensuring maximum return on investment for our clients.

Manpower Search

Leveraging our vast network and deep understanding of local talent markets, we excel in recruiting skilled professionals tailored to your business needs.

Government Approvals

Our strong presence in government projects equips us with the expertise to navigate regulatory requirements smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.



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Unlock the potential of Global Capability Centers with We Win Limited. Access global talent, drive innovation, and centralize critical functions for seamless global operations.

Define Strategic Objectives

Before initiating the setup, it's crucial to determine your strategic objectives. Consider:

  • Centralized functions or services.
  • Expected cost savings and efficiency improvements.
  • Talent pool access or market reach.
  • Enhanced control over business processes.
  • Long-term vision alignment.

Conduct a Feasibility Study

Evaluate the viability and risks associated with setting up a GCC:

  • Location Analysis : Assess potential locations based on talent availability, cost of living, political stability, ease of doing business, and regulatory environment.
  • Cost Analysis : Estimate initial setup costs, ongoing operational expenses, and potential cost savings.
  • Risk Assessment : Identify cultural differences, language barriers, and geopolitical factors.
  • Legal and Compliance : Understand local labor laws, data protection, and intellectual property rights.
  • Technology Infrastructure : Ensure necessary technology infrastructure availability.

Select the Right Location

Choosing the right location impacts talent acquisition, operational efficiency, and success. India is a prime choice due to its vast, digitally-skilled talent pool, dynamic technology start-up ecosystem, vibrant service provider community, ease of doing business, and affordable costs.

Identify Right talent

  • In-depth Talent Pool Analysis
  • Strategic Recruitment Partnerships
  • Advanced Screening Processes
  • Swift and Efficient Onboarding
  • Continuous Talent Development

Develop a Detailed Roadmap

Create a roadmap with key milestones:

  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance : Establish the legal entity, ensuring compliance with local laws.
  • Infrastructure Setup : Invest in office space, technology, and data security measures.
  • Talent Acquisition : Recruit and onboard initial team members.
  • Process Migration : Develop a phased migration plan and ensure seamless knowledge transfer.
  • Technology Implementation : Implement necessary technology solutions.
  • Performance Monitoring : Establish KPIs and monitoring mechanisms.

Choose the Right Offshoring Model

Select the offshoring model that suits your needs:

  • Traditional GCC Model : A wholly owned center providing services directly to HQ.
  • GCC Accelerator Model : A plug-and-play model for rapid, cost-effective setup.
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model : An offshore partner sets up, staffs, operates, and transfers the center.

Implement Effective Governance and Communication

Establish clear reporting structures and communication channels between the GCC and the parent company. Engage stakeholders regularly to ensure alignment with strategic objectives.

Continuously Optimize Operations

Regularly assess GCC performance against KPIs and identify areas for improvement. Consider automation, process optimization, and technology upgrades to enhance efficiency.

Ensure Data Security and Compliance

Implement robust data protection measures and adhere to local and international regulations. Conduct regular audits to ensure compliance.

Manage Organizational Change

Proactively manage cultural integration between global and GCC teams through:

  • Change management workshops
  • Open communication and knowledge sharing
  • Shared goals and success metrics
  • Cultural training and team-building opportunities

Foster Collaboration and Integration

Promote collaboration and integration with the parent organization through knowledge-sharing sessions, cross-functional collaboration, and alignment with corporate culture and values.

Govern Continuous Improvement

Track GCC maturity across leadership, talent, and technology dimensions. Conduct periodic assessments and share best practices. Maintain active collaboration between global and GCC leaders to enable growth.

Setting up a GCC with We Win Limited gives you access to a vast talent pool and innovative thinking, creating immense strategic value over time.
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