August 2, 2023

The Future of Outsourcing Services Post-pandemic, COVID19

The Future of Outsourcing Services Post-pandemic, COVID19

I believe we should all accept that no one predicted an airborne disease to have such a negative effect. The corporate sector is no exception, with significant losses. There is a decrease in the customer base and significant growth in the existing rivalry. Start-ups and industries lacking digitization and skills failed to deliver in the tough situations and plummet because of unforeseen reasons.

But, what do businesses do to avoid those disasters? Outsourcing projects and procedures are one way to deal with such extraordinary situations. The third round of outsourcing is now underway. Previously, in the years 2000 and 2008, the same patterns were observed. During this pandemic, the outsourcing demand in India has seen significant growth and spread to previously untapped markets. One such firm known for its exceptional outsourcing services in domains such as BPOs and IT services in all rounds is We Win Limited.

Advantages to outsourcing services, calls and operations

Advantages of outsourcing services -

1. Controlling costs

When it comes to delivering 24/7 assistance, setting up an in-house customer care department entails significant costs, including equipment, procurement, preparation, and high payroll costs. Compared to an in-house squad, using customer support outsourcing providers would save you at least 50% of the money.

2. Focusing on the core business

Businesses have a finite amount of money, and each employee has a finite amount of time and energy. Outsourcing will help the company remain focused on its core competencies rather than being overwhelmed by complicated IT decisions.

3. Reducing labor costs and time

Hiring and educating staff can be costly, and temporary workers don’t always meet your needs. Setting up an in-house staff would take a significant amount of managerial time while recruiting outsourcing providers with the necessary skills and expertise would most likely save a significant amount of time

4. Improves efficiency and expertise

Attempting to do all services in-house will result in much longer research, growth, and deployment times, all of which raise prices and are eventually passed on to consumers. Customer support, including marketing, distribution, and product creation, is a skill. Companies will easily access high levels of experience critical for delivering professional services and addressing issues quickly and reliably by outsourcing customer service.

5. Reduce risk

With relevant industry experience, outsourcing providers assume and handle most of this risk for you, including protection and compliance issues. In their areas of expertise, they are usually much better at determining how to minimize danger.

But what are the services that can outsource? There are varieties of them that can segregate below.

What all can outsource

You can outsource on a project-by-project basis or continue. We Win Limited provides various services across the organization, be it the government sector, private sector or start-ups. Outsourcing on a project-by-project basis could be appropriate if your company is:

  • Call Centres
  • Lead Generation
  • Developing and maintaining a website
  • Requiring consulting services
  • Translations and transactions

Companies may also hire service providers to handle ongoing tasks like tweeting, handling social media and its outreach, bookkeeping etc.

Some reasons are to be highlighted and considered before outsourcing the operations, calls and services.

Important points to keep in mind while outsourcing services

Outsourcing Services -

1. Outsourcing the right activity

You must pick the best parts of your company to outsource. There’s no reason to outsource an operation if the in-house staff has been doing it effectively. It would help you maintain your competitive edge. However, if you want to expand your business into a market where you don’t have any expertise, hiring a seasoned firm is the way to go.

2. Consider all sort of costs and expenditures

Don’t forget to factor in all the hidden costs, such as legal bills for drafting a deal, travel (if you outsource to a remote location), and so on. Even if it slightly increases your budget, choose the organization whose offerings you believe are the best for the price.

3. Working closely and taking regular check-ups

Giving the workforce resources company command of your operations doesn’t mean you can ignore them. Connect in-person or on calls to make sure there is miscommunication or disconnection and everyone is up to date with all the available and relevant news.

4. Set Goals for the company

It’s important to keep track of the success. Set short- and long-term objectives for your business and see how your outsourcing services provider assists you in achieving them.

It has become easier to assess services and businesses based on their sophistication, quality of work, and total spending, thanks to a surge in social media activity and industries transitioning to the online medium. We invite you to take a demo and free trial of our services and contact us to experience premium quality expertise in the corresponding fields.

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